Friday, 12 March 2010

Cheap As Chips

Managed to dodge out of work for a couple of hours this morning under the pretense of looking for 'props' and headed along to the local antiques warehouse. Why have I never ventured beyond it's incredibly hard to find door? Maybe that's the answer right there - it's a little, how shall I put it, off the beaten track?
Once inside we discovered a glittering aladdin's cave full of exquisite furniture (the smell of french polish was strong enough to send you down the rabbit hole), a whole host of fascinating objet d'art and weird and wonderful 'dust collectors'.

1960s suspended swing chair - just imagine what a re-upholstering could do here

A troll

A selection of early 90s cybergoth rubber spiked collars

A full-size Guernica print

Tastes like chicken - actually, more 'smells' like chicken

A floor to ceiling baroque style mirror

And finally, a beautiful wee metal bag. On inspection, it was 'Made in China'...


  1. I used to LOVE trolls, but if they had all looked like that I think it would have been a different matter. Seriously, actually the scariest thing I ever saw. hahaha


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  2. I love that chair - you could re-do it and make it sooo cool.

  3. that troll is really scary!!!! I love your fur and that clutch is amazing!


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