Monday, 15 March 2010

Drop The Bomb

This summer is the summer of weddings. Got three in June alone. As I've already been there, done that, I'm utterly thrilled and excited about going to everyone else's! No stress for me, but all the fun - pretty perfect all round. BUT, what to wear?? Lou Lou's is sorted as I'm Maid of Honour (yay!) and below are the options for Number 1: Cousin's wedding in the Cotswolds - Art Deco theme.

This is my favourite, but I'm hesitating about the pale pink stretchy fabric around my middle and the possibility of unsightly under arm perspiration...

Option 2: the other way around. This is the safe option, but is it too much black for a summer wedding??

Option 3: I love these pretty sleeves and they'd probably be enough to disguise any 'sweaty betty' moments.

Option 4: I've always wanted a sailor dress - always! But is this verging on costume?
Pretty, pretty, pretty and pretty perfect with options 1-3.

Dresses by Stop Staring and Shoes by Bordello @ Love Burlesque

PLEASE HELP! Send me all your suggestions and comments. I need YOUR advice x

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  1. The shoes are an absolute must - to die for!!
    I adore the pink dress (option 1) as the colour is 'very you' and perfect for summertime. You don't want to be sweltering in a clingy back dress if the sun's a-shining.
    The frilly sleeved dress (option 3) is lurvley but does this tie in with the bride's theme? I think more defined tailoring may be more in keeping? (maybe not, this is just a suggestion).
    Option 4 is admirably cute but I think we could hunt down a 'nicer' sailor dress for you.
    Good luck with the choosing and which ever one you opt for, I know you will look killer in it! XX


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