Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Better Late Than Never

So, it's Spinal Lou's Hen Night on Friday. Tasty Japanese food followed by some silly dancing to some classic rock n roll. What's a girl to wear??
Bought myself this Cramps vest from Ebay. This morning - eek! Fingers crossed. I sent the seller a begging note for speedy delivery.

If it arrives, I've got about 20 minutes in town after work on Friday to find myself a pair of these babies. And yes, lime green would be the preferred choice.

These are my trusty wee Schuh winklepickers that will set the outfit off perfectly. I love a white shoe :)


  1. Hellfire on Queen St had loads of these leopard print troosers! They were on sale for £10.
    I'll check H & M today for you.

    Hope it all comes together on time. I'm sure it will, I have a good feeling about it.

    Kiss Kiss

  2. Yeah, I reckoned Hellfire would be my best bet, but assumed they'd be like 40 quid. A tenner you say? That's much more like it!
    Cheers honey xx

  3. girl, I'm loving your style - have just added you to my blogs list on my page ... pleeease post up some outfit pics, and have an awesome time on friday x

  4. Awww thank you honey! That's made my day.
    I'll get a wee outfit post up before I go out on Friday. Check to the right - I've added you too x

  5. :) ah that's too cool, thankyou :) - hope you got your pennies (and leopard prints!) sorted for your night out?

    I'm still suffering from last night's drinking, gahr! x


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