Friday, 7 May 2010

A Little Slice of Heaven

Just applied to take part in a guided tour of the Tunnock's Factory in Uddingston. This is as close to a 'Chocolate Factory' expereince that I'll ever get and even if I have to wait a year on the waiting list (which looks likely) it'll be worth it!
For those of you not familiar with the Tunnock's brand, they are a local Scottish company that have been producing some of my favourite mid-afternoon indulgences since 1890.
These a re their products, in order of my own personal preference.

The Daddy of the pack - The Caramel Log. Layers of soft chewy caramel and wafer coated in chocolate with a sprinkling of coconut. Mmmmm...

The Teacake. Not to be confused with those globular little pretenders known locally as 'marshmallows' which have a dod of worthless jam in the middle, the 'Teacake' oozes with mallow goodness.

The Snowball. Potentially the sweetest of the bunch. All the gooey yumminess of the Teacake with the added excitement of coconut, but without a biscuit base it's near-on impossible to eat without getting it all over you...

Finally, the Caramel Wafer. The most boring of the bunch. No gooey fun and no added extras.

What's your take on Tunnock's?


  1. Caramel logs are my favorite, you are teasing me with this post!

    I once worked on packaging for the Caramel Wafer, in fact it looks like the same design...don't get my started on snowballs, yum!

    Sleekit x

  2. Teacakes are my favourite. The shop down the road from me sells MASSIVE boxes of them, so my boyfriend and I need never be without a teacake to go with our cup of tea.

  3. Hi from Shawlands! Tunnocks teacakes are fab. Craving one with my coffee now! x

  4. The order in which you've put these is I'm sure cast in panels of bronze on the walls of heaven. Living down in the big smoke it's next to impossible to find the logs. Wafers, aye, no probs. Logs? Nary a sniff of the lovely things.


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