Friday, 28 May 2010

Scissor Sister

I arrived at work today blissfully unaware all hell was about to break lose. It's payday and no one had received their wages. I work on a ship, so it's safe to say, there was a MUTINY! Some fuck-up at the bank supposedly - no one is prepared to take the blame as usual. But, it's Bank Holiday weekend and I've got a pair of pink leopard print jeans on hold for me (couldn't find lime green ones at such short notice)!
So, I decided not to do any work til somebody, anybody, came up with some cash so I can buy my jeans, noodles and loads of booze tonight.
Instead, I thought I'd occupy myself with customising my new tshirt. Bastardising more like! I haven't cut the collar off a tshirt for many a year, so the final result is a little dodgy.

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