Monday, 31 May 2010

I Am The Walrus

Just recovered fully from Friday night's indulgences. And what a night it was!
After the trauma of not being paid, I decided to skip the pink leopard print jeans and headed into Debenhams to grab some new lippy instead. Confusion ensued as they've completely reorganised the makeup department since the last time I was in. In a blind panic (I only had 90 minutes to make my purchase, get home, get ready and get back out again - eek!), I grabbed the security guard and demanded to know where they had relocated the Illamasqua counter. I was met with a blank look and carried on with my frenzied searching. Finally, I found the counter and was helped by a lovely girl with awesome hair! One tube of Underworld lipstick in the bag - result.

Straight home and threw on my new tshirt, fixed the slap, sprayed a can of hairspray on my mop and then began trying to decide what to wear on the bottom half. After emptying an entire drawer full of leggings in various shades of black, I found a welcome alternative to the pink leopard print jeans - silver spandex ones! They wrinkle around the ankles, so the white boots were out and replaced with a pair of black patent brothel creeper boots that I bought in Camden Market when I was 17!

On to the restaurant for the start of Spinal Lou's Hen Night.
Nanakusa is a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant - lots of noodles and in a really lovely contemporary setting. I adore my Japanese food, so indulged in some Yasai Gyoza followed by the Yasai Noodle Soup. I may have had some cheeky Plum Wine to start as well. If you haven't tried it, then do so! It tastes a bit like Spanish Sangria - sweet and really potent!

Yasai Noodle Soup. Nom Nom Nom...

A few glasses of wine later...

Lou and I at the club, dancing the night away to indie choons from 'back in the day'! Note the shiny face and lack of any Underworld lippy by this point...


  1. Lovin the cool rocky look ;) funnily enough i didnt get my over time pay,what is it with people theyre slow in giving you the money they owe you but quick enough to take it back off you if there ever is a mistake?.
    Those are some amazing boots!

  2. Looks like you had a smashing time! Re: plum wine - I recommend trying it half and half with sparkling mineral water. Dead dead good. x


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