Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cheap, White and Tacky

I've been desperate for some good white nail polish. I haven't actually painted my nails white since using Tippex back in the early 90s, but as it's summer, I really fancied it. I picked up a bottle of really cheap (£2.99!) white from H&M on my way home from work last night. Here's the result:

New Topshop ring and strange blue hand

Out of 5, here are my scores:

Ease of application: 2/5 (really thick and tacky - like it's a good 6 months old)
Quick dry time: 3/5
Colour: 3/5 (needed two coats just to even it out. First coat was horrendous)
Value for money: 3/5 (worth paying a bit extra for something easier to apply)

Any recommendations for a quality white? Around the £6 mark preferably.


  1. GOSH nail polishes are great, the best I've tried and only a fiver, I think. I'm not sure they do a plain white, but they do every other colour under the sun! Failing that, try Barry M.

  2. BIg fan of Barry M, but I've not tried GOSH yet. I'll pick some up on payday x


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