Thursday, 13 May 2010

On A Jolly

Part of my job requires that I visit as many Visitor Attractions as possible over the next few months. It's tough. Sometimes I have to get up half an hour later in the morning, eat lunch at the onsite cafes instead of my usual tin of Baxters Country Veg soup and 3 Ryvita, spend hours on public transport browsing the web on my iphone or painting my nails.
Yesterday was one of those days.I bundled myself up with my cosy scarf and cardigan and headed to Queen Street Station for the 9.30am off-peak train. The work budget can't stretch to the earlier prices - shame. Purchased a Grande Skinny Latte, popped the receipt into my 'expenses' envelope and hopped onto the train bound for Edinburgh Waverley.On the schedule for today was the Palace of Holyrood House, Our Dynamic Earth and the Royal Yacht Brittania.Enjoyed the first meeting of the day at 11am at the Palace over a pot of tea in the courtyard. The next hour was spent listening to the kids version of the audio tour (getting the work done). Just enough time for a spot of al fresco lunch in the glorious East Coast sunshine before a hop, skip and a jump over to Our Dynamic Earth.

Now this, I wasn't expecting. Our journey begins in a giant lift that descends through time, right back to the Big Bang. We exit into the Ice Age and then travel through all sorts of different climates on a simulated spacecraft. A giant 3D scorpian tries to sting me before a black rhino gives my big smiley face a good sniff. The journey ends in a planetarium gazing at the stars whilst listening to the dulcet tones of David Tennant's voice. Quick stop in the shop for some 'Space Ice Cream' before a taxi ride down to Leith to board Brittania.

The Royal Yacht was the least exciting of the three, but the triple decker fudge made onboard made up for it.
Right. Where's next? Liverpool next Friday methinks.

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