Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Grow Your Own Clothes

"Imagine if we could grow clothing...

BioCouture aims to address ecological and sustainability issues around fashion.

The BioCouture research project is harnessing nature to propose a radical future fashion vision.

We are investigating the use of bacterial-cellulose, grown in a laboratory, to produce clothing.

Our ultimate goal is to literally grow a dress in a vat of liquid..."

This is the BioCouture Press Release. Suzanne Lee is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Fashion/Textiles at Central Saint Martins. She is heading up a project which basically aims to grow clothing from bacteria. Well, I know there's good bacteria and bad bacteria, but not sure how I feel about wearing bacteria... your thoughts?


  1. this is part of an exhib. at the Science Museum, with accompanying "how it's made" video - fascinating. definitely the best thing at the exhib; i really wanted to give it a try but it sounds somewhat complicated to produce outside of a lab!

  2. Give it a try?? I've enough problems making a pasta sauce nevermind cultivating my own 'bacteria blouse'... I'd love to see the exhibition, but doubt I'll be able to get to London any time soon


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