Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mojito Magic

It's Mr G's very special birthday today and we celebrated in style starting with a fry up consisting of 3 rashers of bacon, flat sausage, black pudding, 2 eggs, mushrooms and beans. Next up we got the bus into town with the full intention of going to Edinburgh Zoo, but, as per usual, the Scottish weather put a spanner in the works as it starting pissing it down and the wind whipped up like pissed banshee. Fuck soggy animals in the rain. Toy Story 3? Aye. Giant pick n mix with the potato heads - sweet. Feeling peckish? Nandos? Fuck aye. Hot sauce and corn on the cob. We cheeky cocktail - in the casino? Mine's a mojito - bitch. Piranha 3D - get us a fucking ticket! Awesome - boobs and gore galore. Bottle of rum and night to ourselves? Get in there!

Piff, Paff, Poff!!


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday! Congrats Mr. G! xxx

  2. awesome birthday celebrations girl! fuck soggy animals indeed! ;) x

  3. Sounds like a right laff, i do not miss that pissy rain or the smir stuff that soaks ye right through

    sleekit x

  4. Oh the rain! It hasn't stopped since and we're getting new windows installed in the flat tomorrow -eek!


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