Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Window Shopping

I'm stuck in the flat all day today and tomorrow while we have new triple glazing installed. Yay! For nice clean windows and warm flat, but Boo! for being stuck in...
Miss Lou has been round most of the day keeping me and the cats company and drinking endless cups of tea, but since she's left I've been occupying myself doing what a girl knows best - no, not cleaning - that can wait til I'm really bored. Shopping! Well, browsing online, ready for this month's pay check.
Here's a few bits n bobs from the sweet little shop Bows and Crossbones which sells 'vintage, rockabilly, tattoo inspired gifts and accessories.


  1. I love Bows & Crossbones (one of your b-day gifts 2 years ago was bought from here!) The Las Vegas ring, oh yeah - I've got that. The brooch to match? Hell yeah! xx

  2. woah, didn't know the shop but it looks really crazy! I'm currently crushing over the poison bottle... :)


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