Monday, 8 November 2010

FREE Mascara!

Got a pile of old, congealed mascaras kicking around at the bottom of your make-up bag?

Nip down to Boots and swap them (any brand - except Clinique) for a wonderful new Clinique tester! I'm a big fan of Clinique mascara, so I highly recommend that you get to a Clinique counter before 16th November to make that swap.I usually use the 'High Lengths' version which is great for getting into the wee short stubby lashes right in at the corners. But, for a change, I opted to test out the 'High Impact' mascara. It's lovely and thick and makes that really satisfying "thwap" noise as you pull the brush out.

As you can tell, I'm no beauty blogger, so my descriptions are a little on the airy-fairy side. All you need to know is you can trade your shitty old stuff in for some really good new stuff for FREE! Oh, and did I mention that you can also book yourself in for a 'smokey-eye' makeover anytime before the end of the month? Another Brucey bonus ;-)


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