Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nervous Breakdown

Today has been a one step forward, two steps back kinda day.

I'm a total freak when it comes to punctuality. I HATE being late. I hate others being late and I hate it when things don't start on time. All week my morning schedule has been off and I've had to rush at the last minute just to get out the house on time. Today being the worst - 15 minutes late!! UNACCEPTABLE!! This tumbled into me missing the 8.01am bus which means I'm left fighting at the bus stop with 200 hundred students for the 8.09 bus. Which didn't turn up. Neither did the 8.16. At 8.27 (*%!!) THREE, yes, THREE buses turned round the corner.

Now, the next battle is a psychological one. Do I get on bus number 1 which is standing room only, but this means it will power ahead into the city because it can't pick anyone else up? Or, do I opt for bus 3 which, although it's lagging behind, will have plenty of seats and will no doubt overtake the other two further along the route?? I went for bus number 1 and took my place standing against the side with my size 6 docs tripping everyone else up as they tried to board.

Right. Choons on. Can't be listening to my newly uploaded White Zombie album - might actually put my fist through someone's face. Skip, skip, skip... Aahh...some Suede. Brett Anderson's dulcet tones should subdue my internal rage... for a while...
WTF now??!! Changing driver?? Bloody hell. I give up. An hour and a half after leaving the house I arrive at work. Minus my morning mocha and windswept and damp to boot.

But, I've finally worked out what's been going wrong with my schedule...
When the clocks went back at the weekend, our alarm clock automatically switched. Very helpful, you'd think. But, it's usually set 10 mins fast to allow for that extra wee 'snooze'. My self-indulgent 'long-lies' have been the cause of my morning stress. I will sort this abomination out as soon as I get home.


  1. The clocks going back fuck everything up! Can't get to sleep at night, can't wake up properly in the morning, and my phone alarm doesn't ever seem to go off at the correct time any more!
    I hope your morning punctuality problems get resolved soon :)

  2. I am very very particular with my time its nice to know im not the only clock watcher out there lol.
    I literally despise lateness and i always warn my friends they have fifteen minutes to turn up or i am off!

  3. Made it to work 10 mins early yesterday - happy days!


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