Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blogger Style Inspiration

Since changing my hair I've been on the hunt for some new style inspiration.

Sure, all the new lookbooks are out and they're very pretty 'n' all, but I'm much more interested in what other people are wearing, so I've decided to do a wee post on some of the ladies whose individual style has been floating my boat as of late. If you like what you see, please check them out!

These two lovely ladies have featured on my blog before as two of my favourite colourful creators:

Stella Rose from Seattle Maria from Sleekit, Melbourne

Next up we have the cute as a button SJ from Cowbiscuits, a girl who knows exactly how to rock a tshirt and strong lippy:

And finally, over the past few months or so, these stylish vixens have all popped up on my radar:

Haru in Wonderland from the Czech Republic The globetrotting Lady Croissant from Oslo, Norway Dodo and her wonderful Wardrobe Stories

I'm also a little obsessed with Style Like U at the moment. But who am I missing? Got any good personal style blog recommendations for me? Should you be on my radar?


  1. Ah ha this is exactly what I was thinking with my post today, aren't fellow bloggers much more inspiring that glossy magazines! I haven't seen some of these blogger before so thanks for some super links!

  2. HEY THERES MY FACE! and side-boob! This is lovely thankyou so much :) You are one of my most inspirational bloggers too, so gorgeous and how i wish i could pull off everything you wear! xx

  3. Nice one doll, right back at ya, rock that new do

    Sleekit x

  4. OMG that's me up there! That's so awesome! And I'm glad you like my hair!

  5. Thank you SOOO much for featuring me, you made my day!


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