Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cats And Dogs

dress from Primark // belt and sunglasses from the bottom of the wardrobe // Tarina Tarantino spider hairclip // Sak Label necklace // two-tone tights from joke shop // DMs // Illamasqua lipstick in Underworld // ring from ASOS // Topshop nail polish in Gone Fishing

If the weatherman was correct, it may have been 1 degree warmer in Glasgow than London today. Every weegie and his dug were out in force. The park was jumpin' and there was far too many corned beef legs on show and lobster streaked beer guts for anyone to hold down their Mr Whippy ice-cream longer than 40 seconds. Needless to say, I jumped on the band wagon! Sunnies -check, 'summer' bag - check, nae coat or cardi - check!

No idea who the cat belongs to, but s/he was ultra cute and friendly. Neither of our cats would last 2 minutes outside in the real world...

Today's point of fashion, however, is the exquisite Sak Label necklace I won in Wobblin' Betty's fantastic giveaway! I feel very privileged and I hope Betty approves of my ensemble ;-) 
If you haven't checked out her site - in fact, if you're not following her, you're seriously missing out. Hop over NOW!

Hope y'all have a good weekend x


  1. You look awesome! Love your necklace and that dress, and your ink is just so lovely; I love how it's all black and grey so it looks like it all flows/fits together. Mine are just odd bits here and there so no theme or symmetry like yours.

  2. You look like someone I want to be best friends with - get your ass over to Norway so we can meet soon!

  3. W-I-C-K-E-D .the end.

  4. Words cannot express how much I love this outfit!

  5. You look amazing! Loving your hair colour! So gutted I had to work the whole day when the weather was so nice x

  6. wooooow you look gorgeous dear!!! I think this is one of my fav looks of you so far!
    bw stripes + tats + new hair look really HOT!
    and thanks for your sweeeet words, really appreciate that
    wish you fab Sunday xxxx

  7. How on earth did you survive in tights yesterday?! It was roasting! I got burnt :(
    Your hair looks really nice curled, it looks completely different.

  8. @ Vilde: Norway is on my list of places to visit -soon! So I'll most definitely look you up!

    @ Rosie: My tattoos are all by the same artist, so that helps keep 'em all looking like a set. But I broke the norm when I opted for full colour in my back piece - hope it stills works overall

    @Julia: Tights were ok, boots were too hot though. Not used to this weather. It's hard to get a balance...

    @ Betty: Thanks honey ;-)


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