Sunday, 10 April 2011

We Fade To Grey

Some of you may remember my post about my search for the perfect new 'lady' bag. It had to be bright coloured, satchel in style, with ordinary handle and a shoulder strap, and most importantly, had to be leather.

Whilst having a wee browse through some local boutiques on the Southside on Saturday, something caught my eye. Perched on a shelf, just above some lovely acid yellow and cobalt blue dresses sat 'the one'. I quickly pounced and paraded around the shop for about 5 minutes, gleefully swinging it at my side and winking at myself in the mirror. Best not look at the price. I'm pretty skint and should be saving up for my final tattoo session in just over a month. Just wee sneaky peek - you never know... £37 !!?? Woo hoo!! That makes it just about affordable - kinda, well, not really, but it's a bloody good price, and it's... it's...

NOT leather, NOT bright coloured and NOT a satchel - it's perfect!! (Although not a very good photo)

Shop girl: "Oh, sorry, I've only got this really big carrier bag for it"

Me: "Eh? I don't need a bag - it IS a bag! Let me just shove this canvas one inside it. Sorted"

Then off I trounced to the park swinging my completely out of place shiny 'lady' bag at my side.
Pleased. As. Punch.


  1. Simplistic, yet elegant. I like it!

  2. I like it! I have always liked grey accessories.Hugs and wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

  3. Tara DeBoomdeay loves that bag. Awesome

  4. JEALOUS! it is a beauty, it is a total dream lady bag- what a find!


  5. Oh, I like a lady bag fit for a lady like yersel, swing till yer hearts content

    Sleekit x

  6. super blog!
    i really love it!
    i'm your new follower!
    check my blog out and follow if you like!

  7. Oh G I love it so much and want one too!!! Isn't it the most amazing colour? Hey you'll need something to carry when you swing by the tattooist later on next month anyway;)). Thanks so much for your kind wishes. xo


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