Friday, 8 April 2011

Swatch-It, Bitch!

How much do I want the lightning bolt Swatch watch?? Just imagine how totally awesome you'd look in a meeting as you push back your jacket sleeve to reveal this baby:

"Is that the time?? I really must dash! See ya!!"

Unfortunately, these cute as hell little time bandits are not yet available in the UK - pooh!!
**edit** Strike that!! A wee birdy told me that she 'clocked' these very time pieces in the window of the Swatch shop in Glasgow city centre!! I (wrongly) assumed they were not available here as I couldn't order one on the UK site. It appears shopping in store has it advantages after all! Now I just need to save up...
And thank you to Suzanne from Idee Fixe for so kindly offering to pick one up for me and send it over - too kind!!


  1. so awesome! I love the photoframe one! xx

  2. I 'clocked' these in the window of the Swatch Shop at St Enoch the other night - are they not for sale? The store was closing so I couldn't go in but I pressed up against the window trying to get a good 'swatch'.
    The one with the wings is killer! x

  3. this swatches are great!! to be honest it's a long time that I'm not interested in swatches anymore...but seeing this is surely making me change my mind! the lighting bolt is insane zzzzzz

  4. I'm wanting one of these so badly--I think I like the one with the wings the best!

  5. Are they available In the US? Let me know, I'd be happy to try and pick one up for you and post!

  6. Yes yes yes! I neeeeeed the lightning-bolt one, defo my fav! xx


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