Saturday, 16 July 2011

Style Crush

Tell me this, have I been hiding under a rock somewhere for the past 5 years?? How on earth have the wondrous Beckerman Sisters passed me by? I happened to 'stumble' upon their blog when I was hunting for top knots yesterday and I've since developed what can only be described as a love at first sight style crush. On Samantha in particular. This lady's style is killing me. It's the attention to detail that really grabs me. The colours, the clashes, the quirks. Give me MORE!!

Really need to invest in one of Stella Rose's spiked turbans for the autumn. But which colour? It's a toughy but I think Nebula (lilac) would be my first choice. Although I'm holding out for a electric blue leather?


  1. That second look is my particular favourite!

  2. I completely LOVE the Beckermann Sisters! Love the way they put clothes together! x

  3. I'm in love with that spiked turban but it's such a simple DIY that I would feel so guilty if I purchased it! Those women drive me insane. I don't know quite why as they do out things together in a very interesting way, it's just something about them that puts me off. Weird. I think you do a a great job, and look fab!


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