Friday, 8 July 2011

Animated Tattoo

I've blogged about scannable and augmented reality tattoos in the past, but this is a wee bit special! Artist Karl Marc of the Mystery Tattoo Club in Paris tattooed a design incorporating a matrix code that, when scanned, presented an animation of the tattoo.

Daft? Pointless? Yes!! That's exactly why I love it. I love that the tattoo will inevitably outlast the technology, but it'll still be there as a wee reminder of a certain moment in time. Pretty much all tattoos 'date' and fall in and out of fashion just as the owner falls in and out of love with them, so why not have a little fun in the meantime? Not all tattoos need to be loaded with sentimental memorial pish.

From Needles and Sins blog.


  1. Ha.. This is super awesome!!! I kinda want one lol!


  2. aint technology grand? :)

  3. That is the coolest thing I've seen all day, I kind of want one :D

  4. Merde! That was wild!

  5. this is insane! love it! :) xx


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