Saturday, 16 July 2011

Knot Bad?

Topshop top // Silence + Noise leggings // Claire's Accessories earrings // Primark brogues // cheap sunglasses from god knows where

So this is my first attempt at the top knot. It's ok, but could do with being a little higher on my head. My hair's still too short for it  - had no choice but to use a few kirbies which kinda ruins it. Not to mention my roots. Will definitely give it another bash straight after dying in a few weeks time. Should be nice and bright and a smidge longer.

We had planned to go see Bridesmaids this afternoon at the pictures, but somehow managed to screw up our booking and by the time we got there the half 2 showing was full. FAIL. So, instead of gorging on a giant hot dog and pick n mix in the dark, Mr G treated me to a wee bit lunch at Cafe Rouge on Royal Exchange Square. While it appears most of the UK was experiencing tropical rainstorms, Glasgow was bathing in glorious sunshine - HA! This never happens! Needless to say, I insisted we sit outside and get a wee photo.

I hate my bumpy, wrinkled, Klingon forehead. Maybe I should stick to the fringe?


  1. Pretty good effort I say! I am enjoying your hair experimentation posts...

    Caz x

  2. love your leggings! and wowwww, your tats are absolutely amazing! ronan xxx

  3. The topknot looks good :) I think you look really pretty in the second photo :)

  4. Beautiful!!! loving your star earrings, your outfit and also...your top knot!!!
    and with those sunglasses you're so badass!!!
    luv xxx

  5. It looks great on you! I'm wearing my hair exactly the same most of the time at the moment, so we're pretty much hair twins!
    My orange isn't holding up tooo badly, but it's washing out much faster than the red did. I can see myself having to re-do it every month I think. Trying to make it last longer with copious amounts of Directions dye!

  6. The hair looks great, i wish I could pull off those fab updo's I just dont suit my hair up at all!

  7. top knot is looking good, if you want to get more out of it but feel your hair is too short, try backcombing the ponytail then loosely pin it around the band, it should help it look fuller and more knotty if that makes sense?!

    Asides the top knot - i couldn't keep my eyes off your chest tattoo- amazing!

  8. Looks great! How did it look if you just let the back fall down? the messier the better I say! I was actually just going to suggest the same as Saskia above me, backcombing makes it look really full. I recently cut mine off and French twist has been the 'do of the season for me, so I've had to do loads of backcombing to accomplish it one that it's much shorter.

  9. "now that it's much shorter" bloody iPad!
    XXX S.


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