Sunday, 10 July 2011

Flirting With The Fauxhawk

Anyone that follows me on Twitter might have realised that I spent most of Wednesday night hunting down YouTube videos of young Scene kids back-coming their to an inch of its life. I eventually came across Miss Chievous' Fawkhawk tutorial. I can do that! I yelped. I had already mentally planned a kick-ass outfit for Friday night's jaunt to House of Honey in the Wild, but what I really needed was a new 'do. Bring on the Fawhawk! My inspiration for this look? Why, none other than the UK's number 2 topless 'media personality', Jodie Marsh. This is the look she went for after she decided to become a lesbian - for a while. I think she looks nasty - in a good way.

Jodie Marsh

Friday's outfit was inspired my new darling Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. A few weeks ago I got a rather lovely email from the wondrous Suzanne over at Idee Fixe offering to pop into the NY sample sale and pick me up a wee bargain. Didn't she do well?! I'm totally delighted with these babies and they helped to add a feminine edge to my otherwise quite masculine look.

Birdies on display - can you spot the difference?

And here's the full ensemble...

Hair courtesy of Osis Dust It, Schwarzkopf Got 2 Be Glued hairspray, comb // Claire's Accessories clip on star earrings // Zana Bayne 3 wing shoulderpiece // H&M studded braces // Topshop leopard print bodysuit // H&M high-waisted jeans (still on sale instore for £7!!) // Melissa shoes

Jodie Marsh snarl


  1. You look incredible. You pull it off perfectly and the style really suits your hair colour. And the shoes, oh the shooooes.
    Rebecca xx

  2. THIS IS INSANELY GOOD! In particular your hair, those braces and the shoes. Love, love, love it rock chick!



  3. The shoulderpiece and your fauxhawk go so well together! And I'm desperate for a pair of cherry melissas!

  4. Holy crap that is AMAZING! It suits you so much, it should definitely become a regular 'do of yours. Plus, you look way better than Jodie Marsh (although that kind of goes without saying, obv).

  5. Really suits you :)
    Very jealous of the footwear!

  6. Your hair looks great! And I love every Vivienne Westwood X Melissa shoe!!

  7. I would probably mug an old lady for those shoulder pieces. You look so good I could vomit with jealousy. So trying that hairdo as well.

  8. I'm sorry to inform you that you are in no way "masculine", you're a BABE! The faux hawk looks amazing, wish I didn't just cut off about 6 inches of hair ): or I'd be trying it out myself! Back in olden times (you know when dinosaurs roamed the earth?) I had quite a lovely giant backcombed mess of a green Mohawk. I kept it for quite some time doing odd things to it in order to keep myself amused. I absolutely love the outfit, and your tootsie birdies look stunning peeking out of your VW Melissa's! I'm so glad you love them -- I'll be sure to let you know of the next big sale too! (I think in the autumn.)

  9. You look awesome, those shoes are lovely and I love your tattoos :)

  10. Hiya,
    just found you via The Fashion Turd, great blog...faved!
    I'm loving your fierce outfit & the shoes are wicked.
    Take care luv,

  11. oh I like this look...very nice indeed..especially those shoes you are an inspiration to us new style

  12. You NEED to keep this hairdo! It's perfect on you! I had an actual mohawk for a while, in my early 20's, and looked quite terrifying.

  13. loooooooooooove the shoes, yum!! xx

  14. Ah those shoes look so cute with your tattoos!

  15. This is damn hot! i love it probably your best outfit yet and all esembled by yourself! ROCKIN!

  16. Does the high waisted jeans still exist in H&M in NYC??


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