Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Penguin Ink Collection

Last year Penguin Publishers celebrated their 75th Anniversary by inviting 6 of the world's best artists working in the world of tattoos and illustration to design covers for 6 of their favourite books.

My favourite from this collection is Bert Krak's interpretation of Martin Amis' 'Money'.

Chris Garver's interpretation of Ian Fleming's 'From Russia With Love' is another good one.

This year, Penguin have chosen 6 books by British authors and asked 6 British tattooists to illustrate the covers. Here are a few, but you can see the full collection and snap each book up for a mere tenner here.

 Valerie Vargas and Han van der Sluys

 Duncan X and Lynn Akura

Thanks to Glitterbird for making me aware of these beautiful covers.


  1. Loving White Teeth-both the illustration and the novel! Definitely worth a read.

  2. These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I love tattoo art.

  3. These are amazing! I love the High Fidelity one, it's pretty much my favourite book ever.

  4. oh god i love this...and a wee bit of vargas never goes a miss on my dash xx


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