Thursday, 18 March 2010

Zero to Hero in 168 Seconds

Got a new credit card the other day - oops! I've been so good for about 2 years now and not actually put anything on credit, but a girl's gotta treat herself once in a while. The time has come and these Jeffrey Campbell Zero Peep Toes I blogged about a few weeks ago will be mine! They've just got everything going for them - a big chunky, kick-ass wedge, ankle strap so you don't fall off them, beautiful cutout detailing in the heel and the rocking horse toe gives them a Westwood/Japanese feel to them. I want them NOW!
Before I go blowing all that cash, erm credit, I'd love to hear from any of you darlings who actually own a pair of Jeffreys - are they comfortable? Just getting too old and lazy to break shoes in these days. I just wanna pop them on and rock my socks off! Let me know your thoughts x


  1. I was considering a pair by Jeffrey Campbell as well - I wanted to know if they're comfy but also if they run big or small. I've got big ole feet.

    I think Urban Outfitters stock Jeffrey Campbell, so I suppose one could go in and try them on.

  2. Good point. Think they only stock flats, but I'll try and pop in after work today try them out. I'll keep you posted!


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