Thursday, 6 May 2010

Gone Fishing

Topshop launched their new makeup line yesterday. Obviously I had to check it out. So, I droppped in after work today and had a wee gander at what was on offer.
Lovely polka dot packaging and some very pretty creme blush colours. Lots of different types of lip gunks to choose from - balm, polish, gloss, glaze or stick and everything was reasonably priced.
Decided to go for a nail varish. My trusty Collection 2000 'Button Moon' has all but turned to gloop, so I opted for the TS mint equivalent, 'Gone Fishing'.
Just trimmed my talons and applied a fresh coat. Well, two to be precise.

Out of 5, here are my scores:

Ease of application: 4/5
Quick dry time: 4/5
Colour: 3/5 (vibrant, but definitely required 2 coats - 3 would be even better if I could be arsed)
Value for money: 4/5 (if it lasts the weekend without chipping, then this will become a 5*)

For another TS makeup review, head over to Kingdom of Style for Queen Michelle's take on the lip polish.

Happy shopping!


  1. I hate when nailpolish requires 3 coats to look properly vibrant. 2 is my maximum and even then I get a bit pissed off at having to do it twice! Thanks for the review xx

  2. I have that colour but from the Barry M range its perfect for summer.
    I have to admit i am admiring your chest peice more ;) what does the writing mean?
    Have a good weekend x

  3. I'm wearing an NYC nail varnish that took a mightly 4 coats to look semi-decent! It's on 2 for £3 in Superdrug right now though, so I couldn't say no.
    I used to have Button Moon, it was all gloop from the start. Shame, as it's such a nice colour. That Topshop one looks mega nice though, and your nails are a lovely shape!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I removed the above post because I was signed in as kid666 and not Madame G!

    Strawberry Fields: Got my chest piece done last week. Omnia Vanitas is latin for All is Vanity - an art historical/manic street preachers reference.

    Julia: Although I'm a bargain queen, I don't think I have the patience for 4 coats!


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