Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Live On From Beyond The Groove

Ever wanted to leave your loved ones a little reminder of yourself after you're gone? Then look no further - And Vinyly offer music lovers the world over the chance to have their ashes pressed into a vinyl recording. For a mere 2 grand you get to leave behind your very own soundtrack complete with sleeve artwork and the option to have your record distributed worldwide.

But what choon would you choose?

This needs some serious thought...

I have to thank my rockin pal Alistair for linking to this on his Facebook ;)


  1. this is quite unusual indeed...but when you have people that have been smoking their beloved lost ones this shouldn't be too strange :)

  2. @wobblinbetty... there was a rumour that Keith Richards snorted his dad's ashes!

    Regarding the vinyl: I'd record my voice whispering "I'm watching you.... " over and over again.


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