Monday, 4 October 2010

DIY Dafty

What do you do when you're off work sick and feel sorry for yourself? That's right - get out the spraypaint!
This was my first attempt at any sort of DIY clothing modification since I used to cut the necklines and sleeves off all my band tshirts back in the day. I'm not very 'crafty' but have been aware of these old KG wedges lurking at the bottom of my wardrobe for some time now. I remember them being comfy but brown...

My first thought was to spray them bubblegum pink to 'match' my new turquoise cosplay wig.

But I had a can of silver in the flat and couldn't be arsed getting the pink. So here's the outcome.

Pretty crap so far, so I'm looking for suggestions about how to take them from slightly shit to fucking fantastic. Comments please x


  1. I for one think they are fantastic (however as expected I think they'd be better in gold.) Get yourself some tacs and press them into the wedge a la Jeffrey Campbell. Maybe spray paint them pink so the silver...or gold tacs look all the more amazing.
    Sorry that you're still ill missus, I find full fat cola and orange lucozade are the only tried and tested cures for the icky bugs. That and some anadin extra. Nomnomnom....
    Anyway get some rest and get better soon


  2. OMG that wig is beyond amazing, I need one in my life. What a great D.I.Y nice and simple but really effective. Yeah sliver is a good colour it will go with more. Thank you for your comment hun xx

  3. Right, drawing pins at the ready! Cheers Claire xx


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