Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hells Angels MC Sue McQueen

Gone are the days of settling disagreements with bare knuckles. Apparently today's Hells Angels Motorcycle Club along with their signature emblem, the winged skull, are registered trademarks and have been since 1982. The newest lawsuit to be filed by the Club's intellectual property attorney, Fritz Clapp, is against none other than our very own King of the Skull, Alexander McQueen. Clapp (a rather unfortunate name?) states that “There’s no doubt in my mind the designer had seen the death head mark,” and he has opted to file a suit because “it has a certain instructive quality in the public and in the market: Advertisers and businesses and lawyers are reminded that the Hells Angels name and logo are protected marks, commercially as well as on the street.”

I doubt McQueen, one of the most unique and inspirational designers of our time, felt he had to 'steal' a logo from the MC. All art is referential and perhaps the MC should view it as a homage rather than a trademark infringement. It'll be interesting to see what the outcome is.

In the meantime, all McQueen products which make reference to the Club or the insignia are to be removed from stores. Can you believe how much they'll be worth in the future now?!

You can read the whole story here.

Anyway, the main reason for me posting this story is as an excuse to post lots of photos of SAMCRO. Anyone else obsessed with Sons of Anarchy right now?

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