Monday, 18 October 2010

Style Factor

Right, who's been watching X Factor this year? Come on, just admit it. I'm hooked and not really on the contestants or their singing capabilities, but on the styling. Apart from a few specific blunders (Belle Amie's 60s inspired look this week?? No, just no.) I have been blown away. My favourites so far have been Aiden's white shirt from last week, Treyc's dress this week and Rebecca's whole outfit this week.

Very goth, very cute. Apparently it's a vintage shirt. Next up is Treyc's KTZ faux leather number. I had spotted this on the interweb last week and instantly fell in love, but could I remember where I'd seen it or who it was by? Of course not. Much "I love that dress!!", "I saw that dress only last week!!", "It's by *%(%£&*" Grrrrrrrrr.... After much frantic searching of all the usual suspect blogs (Kingdom of Style etc), Mr G came to my rescue and announced, quite matter of factly, "it's KTZ." Of course it is!! And I'd spotted it on the Bitching and Junkfood blog here. Panic over. And for those of you with a little extra cash to splurge, you can buy it here.

Next up is Rebecca's neoprene purple dress. It's by Lisa Marie Fernandez and can be snapped up here. But what set the whole thing off was her beautiful cuffs by Erikson Beamon. Simply devine. Can't wait for next week's show!

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  1. It seems that the X-factor version you are watching is much more stylish than the Italian one... :)


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