Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Harder And Faster, Building Up To The Big Climax

What are you doing on Friday night? Join me and get all hot and sweaty dancing to hi-NRG choons and rub cheeks with the queerest of the queer at Edinburgh's new gay disco, HOT MESS at the Wee Red Bar.
Run by my good friend and moustachio'd maestro, DJ Simonotron (Club for Heroes & Devil Disco Club), Hot Mess promises to have us drenched in sweat and punching our fists in the air by the end of the night. Bring it on!

Friday 8th October, 11pm-3am, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh.
Photos by Susan Pierce Sloan


  1. Cannae wait! I'll be there (probably Lemsip'd to the max). Sparkley, swooshy, glittery, trashy gladrags at the ready!! See you on the dancefloor. xx

  2. pity I'm far away from Glasgow...otherwise I would not miss that! :D


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