Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hot Sticky Mess

Me and Miss Lou pulling faces

Me and The Baron

Me and Mr Ser of Tentacle Garden

Pulling faces - again

Miss Lou's star studded nails

Superstar DJ - Simonotron :)

Friday night was a belter! After a bit of a mad dash to grab the train through to the east coast, a gaggle of Weegies arrived on the doorstep of DJ Simonotron's awesome top floor flat in Edinburgh. I'd love to be more specific, but anywhere east of the Trongate, Glasgow and I'm totally lost. After bouncing through the BIGGEST door ever - seriously - soooo Alice in Wonderland - we were greeted by our gorgeous hosts, Mr Ser and Simonotron, and quickly plied with glasses of rose.
Next step was to apply the warpaint and attach the crazy new locks. A good sprinkling of glitter and we were off.
The Wee Red Bar feels like coming home. We've had so many good nights there in the past 18 months there that there simply couldn't be a better venue for the opening night of Hot Mess.
We arrived 'fashionably' late at about midnight and already the place was packed. Grabbing a pint of cider and black and heading straight to the dancefloor is not a good combination. I promptly spilled it all down my white top. Why did I wear white??? I never wear white - I'm too much of a clutz... Nevermind - it was dark and with any luck my turquoise hair and crazy dancing would distract any wandering eyes.
The photos above tell the rest of the story. I can't remember much else ;)

Next club night is 3rd December - get your sexy asses down there!

I'm away for a quick lie down now before work - got sent home yesterday after being sick in the toilets - eeurrrrgh!! Was still puking at 10 o'clock last night, but have managed to keep some toast down this morning. Too much information? What are personal blogs for?


  1. Your hair really suits you like that! I think you should incorporate this wig into your everyday life.

  2. I'm so glad you came and so glad you had a magic time! You, Miss Lou and Mr G made the place about 80% more glam than it would have been otherwise.

    See you next time xxx

  3. @ Julia: I so wish that was my real hair!! Doubt I'll ever ba able toget the black out of it or grow it that long anymore... But there's always a wig!!

    @ Hot Mess: I'm not sure how glamorous cider and black all down my front was, but if you throw some glitter and a tiara my way I'll always give it my best shot x

  4. I love the "take a picture" tshirt!! pics are fab. looks like a great night! Im a new follower! hello! :)


  5. the slogan on that top is really cute!

  6. It's like I'm capable of only pulling 2 faces: chicken pout or Disney grin. I do know how to rock a tutu though, maybe that's all one needs.

    Love you and your spewing. X


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