Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's Only Rock n Roll, Baby

Just signed up to 8 Tracks. Giving it a whirl today with some Thank F**k it's Nearly Friday, throw your f**king fist in the air, muzak. Check out my dreadful teenage angst mix here. I had to choose from what they have on offer. Not a bad selection, but wait til I upload some of my little unknown gems onto it - then we'll be rockin, baby!


  1. I like this mix! I listen it while reading new posts in google reader :) Thank's girl! Rock'n'roll rulez!!!

    Time and Space Traveler

  2. When I'm not in Uni I'll be able to listen properly. I'm already the resident goth...I don't need to hammer it home with listening to Manson in the libary. That said I did spend a frightening ammount of time the other night singing along to some Manson covers...I am that brand of crazy.

    Ah see I nearly didn't buy msyelf the sheer skirt...I heemed and I hawed for so long, but it was sheer and black and 5 pounds so it happened and I'm happy it did.

    Box-set wise I'm watching Doctor Who Season 3 (after watching 2 and 4 and crying LOADS) and Chuck season 2 whenever I feel I need to catch up on flatmate time. I suspect downloading ANTM is not great for my course either...but I just lvoe Tyra and her big ole face.

  3. pantera, yes.

    this reminds me of the playlist at a rock club I used to go to when I was at uni


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