Sunday, 21 November 2010

Betsey Bling

Betsey Johnson has joined in the temporary tattoo gang - about time! They're much better (and cheaper) than the Chanel ones. Another wee addition to the Santa list methinks!

My haul of goodies from Las Vegas' Miracle Mile last October. Officially my favourite city on earth - until I visit somewhere better...

Modelling (very badly) my brand new Betsey Johnson skull ring.


  1. Yay I'm so glad! I love Betsey Johnson and i'm off the the states next month so will deffo be on the hunt for these! xx

  2. in reply to your comment (blogger should think of a better way to reply!) Yes I am off to NY in Jan, I've been before in Jan with the snow and in the summer, I loved the summer but it was sticky hot! xx

  3. Goes very well with your necklace I must say!

  4. Love it! I want some these temporary tattoos everyone keeps going on about.

    I went to LA last year and it was AMAZING! Totally want to go again<3 Really want to do Vegas next.


  5. Betsey is my first love...and long may it continue. That ring is mega sahweet. xo

  6. LOVE the Bettie Page bag! I would probably frame it or something(cause im sad like that)! Also you rock the BJ ring well!

  7. ha! love a bit of betsey!!


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