Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Boot Diaries: Part 2

Monday 22nd November 2010 - just the other day

You know you are addicted to something when you do it in secret.

Buying boots is a little like that for me. I bought these babies (above) on Ebay last week after feeling the urge, the need, for about 3 days. I never told anyone, in fact, I almost forgot all about them until after the deed was done. Almost.

I've made a little pact with myself that while chunky wedges are 'in', I'll buy as many as possible before they're 'out' again and I'm left high and dry in a world of god-awful strappy sandals.

I missed my chance with the Topshop Ashish ones and every time I spot a pair on Ebay they're going for way over their original £140 price tag. So, I've satiated myself with a pair of cheap as chips fake ones. Who wants real pony skin anyway??

I'll rock my FAKE designer shoes with my FAKE leather trousers, Fuck Yeah!

What's your opinion on knock-offs?


  1. It'll do much of the time... but I do love ponyskin. Couldn't spend that much on them though!

  2. I missed the ashish ones too...11 types of gutted. Missed the Jeffrey Campbell ones as well...can't beleive office don't stock them any more...pure rage. These guys are beautiful though. xx

  3. these are well nice. I'm so glad we're pretty much the same size. xx

  4. Duh-roooool! Hey fake is much better than real, you can rock these babies without the conscience!

  5. These knockoff's don't look like knockoffs. Plus if you can get something that does the same job for cheaper then why bother splashing out! xx

    p.s thankyou for the lovley comment, Topshop are buggers sometimes! xx

  6. F..........A...........B !!!!!!!!!

  7. They're so nice! Are they comfortable?
    I do the secret shoe-shopping thing too, then they arrive in the mail and I put them on my shoe shelf and pretend I've had them for ages. How bad.

  8. I dont really like knock-off's. Well, it depends though. If it's Chanel or something then yeah. No.

  9. Those don't really look like knockoffs. More like inspired by, similar to :P

    PS - who says you can't rock wedges when they're "out"?


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