Sunday, 7 November 2010

Room 69

This weekend Mr G and I were supposed to be visiting his folks on the delightful Isle of Bute. Nothing fancy, just a wee evening meal with the in-laws, a few drinks and back on the ferry the next day.
As I'm fussing around the flat checking that we've turned off all the lights, fed the cats, got our bus passes etc, Mr G announces:

"Erm... I'm not quite sure how to tell you this next bit... we're not going to Rothesay... we don't need our bus passes... there's a chauffeur outside, waiting to take us somewhere special instead."

*%$*?*%$??... Eh??

"I've booked you a wee early birthday treat to a mystery destination. Just get in the car and you'll find out where."

Queue the waterworks from me...

This was the most romantic and spontaneous thing Mr G has ever done - and he's set the bar high for his next surprise treat (wink, wink!) After 40 mins in our chauffeur driven car, we arrive at none other than Cameron House Hotel, on the banks of Loch Lomond - home of the Celeb!

In just over 24 hours we indulged in champagne, mojitos, hand-dived scallops, handmade chocolates, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, facials, massages and made the most of Room 69!

Label Lab wax coat // Primark snood // H&M leggings // DM boots

'Courtney Love' dress from Primark

Loch Fyne hand-dived scallops, black pudding, fried apple and fried 'brede' (bread)

Four chocolates hand-made by the pastry chef

The outdoor, rooftop infinity pool. In SCOTLAND. In NOVEMBER.


  1. How romantic! It looks like a perfect getaway!
    I love your leopard print leggings and the courtney dress!

  2. Oh no way, that is so romantic! That meal has me salivating, and I LOVE Loch Lomond - the colours are just so beautiful up there.

  3. Aww totally amaze! The fact you didn't have a clue and you still look FAB! Love that peter pan dress from Primark

    Happy Birthday when it comes xx

  4. Yay, that's so romantic! Your coat's really nice, looks perfect for a winter here!

  5. Oh you look so gorgeous in these pictures! I LOVE your leopard print leggings! Lucky thing .x

  6. What a lovely weekend! Can't beleive you're in a swimsuit November. INSANITY. The food looks uhmaze. Nomnomnom xx

  7. that dress is mega adorable on you!

  8. CHEETAH TIGHTS! So cute!
    That pool, meal, and fireplace look so
    perfect right now.
    Everything looks so fun :) xo

  9. Loving your outfit, you look way cute. Place looks well smart too.

    Sleekit x

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies x

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to you,that looks gorgeous,what a lovely Mr G you have hehe x
    Looks devine!!!!

  12. I love the courtney love dress and happy belated birthday to you !


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