Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow Way!

Today was supposed to be my second day as an Elf at The Tall Ship's Christmas Gift Fair but when I arrived this morning at 9 o'clock the pipes had frozen leaving us without a water supply onboard - no tea, coffee or toilets. The snow was falling faster than the crew could clear the decks. It was a non starter today and we were all sent home. No much needed income, but the ship looked spectacular!
That's me on the way home. Still wearing my green sparkly elf eyeshadow, Urban Outfitters hat, vintage fake fur and River Island scarf with Motley Crue leading me Home Sweet Home - happy days!


  1. Motley Crue <3 So jealous you get to be an Elf! Even more jealous you got the day off due to snow. The salt air here makes snow never happen! :( xx

  2. snow day off? not bad. i wish there was enough snow around me to make a snow man though =[ x

  3. Green sparkly elf eyeshadow lol! I love the colour of your hat and your fur coat! Sod it i want your whole wardrobe!!

  4. Your job sounds so fun! If only we could all get paid to dress up as elves!
    Bee: There's enough snow where I am to make an army of snowmen!

  5. lovin the first pic! cant beat a snow mid fall picture!



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