Sunday, 17 April 2011

We're All Mad Here

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 9 o'clock signalling time to get up, get my glad rags on and get myself into Glasgow city centre to meet up with Claire from Bee Waits For No One. We had a very important date and didn't want to be late.

Dolled up to the nines, we tottered up the hill to the old red light district. Bit early, I hear you say? It was only 11.30am after all. Not too early to be treated to a glass of bubbling Prosecco at the award winning, *5 star* Blythswood Square Hotel.  We were there at the kind invitation of Ann from Girl in the City Glasgow. In fact, there were 22 of us at the (first ever?) Scottish Bloggers meet-up.

We had been invited to the Monte Carlo Suite for a sneaky peek at the costume and make-up designs for Scottish Ballet's production of Alice. A feast fit for a queen - of hearts - had been laid on by the hotel. An afternoon Mad Hatter's Tea Party with cakes inspired by the Wonderland characters!


The parma violet flavoured cake was my personal favourite, although the warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam were a close second!

Ann had arranged for us to be pampered by girls from the hotel spa - I had a wonderful hand massage - our hair preened by stylists from the Rainbow Rooms, and make-up touched up by Smujj artists. In fact, I was so busy having my hair curled etc that I neglected to take many photos. I only had my crap camera with me anyway, but lots of other lovely ladies had come along far better equipped. I'll pop some links at the end of the post to everyone else's updates.

Claire having her new blonde locks transformed into a cute side bun. Check her tights! And her dress! Bloody fantastic outfit - just wish I'd managed to get her skyscraper red shoes in the pick too - damn!

Now, on to the main event - the ballet itself!

Unfortunately I had to dip out of the event just as everyone headed off in taxis to the Theatre Royal for the matinee performance. Mr G and I had previously arranged a wee date in the fair isle of Rothesay to have dinner with his folks, so it was off to the train station for me instead. BUT, although I missed spending more time with everyone (what a great bunch of gals!), I was lucky enough to have gone along on the opening night (Tuesday) with some friends for a birthday celebration.

I'd never been to the ballet before and to be honest, wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't expect to be totally blown away! The costumes, the set design, the dancers, the COSTUMES... spectacular! My favourite character was Humpty Dumpty whose costume was obviously inspired by the late, great, Leigh Bowery.

 Alice's Humpty Dumpty

Leigh Bowery

There were elements of Thierry Mugler's A/W 97-98 Chimere dress to be spotted in the Cheshire Cat's corset as well:

 Cheshire Cat

Thierry Mugler

If you are not inspired enough yet to go and see the production, which goes on tour as of next week, here are some beautiful shots to get you in the mood:

I highly recommend you go and see it:

20-23 April - Edinburgh
27-30 April - Inverness
4-7 May - Cardiff 
11-14 May - Aberdeen

More information and booking details here.

Thank you to the wonderful Ann for throwing such a great event, for inviting me to come along and for providing us all with a totally fantastic goody bag stuffed full of delights! Special thanks also to Toni from Lion Loving Tiger who kindly popped a wee treat from Rox Jewellery into each of our bags as well! I had a great afternoon, only wish I'd been able to stay longer to chat with everyone. Think I only managed to say hello to about half the girls, so hopefully there will be another wee event on the horizon soon. 

Miss Claire and Miss Ayden - lovely to catch up ladies! 

Some links to other great reviews by fellow bloggers:


  1. this looks like soo much fun!!!! I hate living down here in devon ALL of my fave bloggies live in/around Glasgow! it's not fair :(

    Claire looks amazing! xx

  2. This looks amazing! The parma violet cake looks so good, and Claire's outfit looks seriously super. Gutted I didn't get to meet you all :(

  3. ooooh, nice spot on the cheshire cat's corset - and knew you'd get the bowery reference too!

    was lovely to meet you lady, thanks for coming!

    ann x

  4. Was amazing.Horrible realisation I only took pictures of cake.Wish you could have stayed longer hon...hope enjoyed holiday with the mister. Let me know how you get on with the origins mask xo

  5. woooa! this event screams fun!!

  6. I was going to ask how Alice was as my friend wanted to go only she isnt to sure about ballet,but i can see you didnt go.But im sure the lovely looking food and little gift made up for missing it,enjoy your week!

  7. The show looks great, but the parmaviolet cake!!!! Wow is all Im saying!!

  8. Was so nice to meet you, sorry I didn't get a chance to say bye! I didn't realise the purple cake was parma violet flavoured, I never ate mine because I was too stuffed full of scones and the popping candy cupcake!x

  9. sounds like you had an amazing time xxx

  10. We should certainly get a get together of some sort planned for summer! How fun! June/July sometime?

  11. Awww was so great to meet you gal! Okay if I steal that wee photo of me and claire? Hope you enjoyed your weekend away, but sad you didnt get to come drink more champers at the ballet with us :( But we were thinking we could all use our spa vouchers for another wee meet up together?! xx

  12. Nice one, I've never gone to an Aussie meet up but this looks like a lota fun lady

    cakes nom nom

    Sleekit x

  13. Im so sorry I didnt get a chance to speak to you! I had a great time too though! Thanks for the link hun! x

  14. You are really making me miss Glasgow! The Blythswood is such a lovely hotel, and so very accommodating to its guests. The ballet looks fantastic, wish I could be there to see it ):


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