Friday, 22 April 2011

Zara's Brights

Popped into Zara on my way home the other night. Not a place I normally rummage through, but it was open, and I was passing...

I was all over the deliciously brightly coloured offerings like a bee to honey! But, after I'd pawed over a few dresses I began to notice a rather disappointing trend... Loads of polyester and viscose. Sweaty, nasty, synthetics that just don't cut it in the heat. Why, oh why must they produce pretty summer pieces in these vulgar materials?

Not all items were this bad, there was still lots of cotton, and beautiful leather bags, but I'll be checking the label before buying anything.

On another note...
Now my Twitter account is up and running (@Baroque_Boudoir), I've also made a Facebook Page! Feel free to LIKE away to receive updates :-)


  1. All bright and colorful just in time for spring! :D

  2. design wise zara totally keep knocking it out the park. i keep wanting to spend all my money in cos as they have some gorgeous pieces but my pitiful bar job won't pay for that. perhaps its time to give up smoking and live on a diet of pasta? #studentlife

  3. Ooog I love that turquoise skirt!
    I bought my first ever dress from Zara a couple of weeks ago and discovered it's dry-clean only, total nightmare!

  4. Loooooove the blue clutch!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza


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