Sunday, 17 July 2011

Neon Nails

Spotted these over on Sparkly Vodka yesterday. I'm so bored with all my polishes at the moment and everything in the shops just looks the same. I don't even bother to think about what I put on anymore. Just reach for whatever bottle is closest. But I'm all over these neon brights from American Apparel. Perfect for my upcoming holi-bags! Did I mention that we've booked a week in the sun?? 19th August. Should be suitably HOT HOT HOT. First ever package holiday and I can't wait. Los Christianos, Tenerife. Apparently there's a piano bar, chocolate fountain, boat rides to see dolphins, Monkey Park, segways, camel rides and... a water park!! A good water park will complete any holiday!

Me at a water park in Andalucia 3 years ago - it's been too long!


  1. These colours are fab! I seriously need a holiday too x

  2. Those colours are fab! Do you guys get that crackle stuff that goes over a base colour? They look really good over neons -- I got some in silver and hot pink that look fab over a neon base! So glad you're getting to go on holiday, enjoy!

  3. The water parks in Los Cristianos (or at least near there!) are really good, lots of fun. When we were there we also went up a mountain (called Teide I think) which was cool as you got to see a whole different side of Tenerife!

    Caz x

  4. stunning nail polish!!!Lovely blog,following u now,follow me back,if u like,on!

  5. yay i'm an enabler ;) can't stop staring at my uber-bright nails haha. hope you have a lovely time on your hols! xx


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