Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cindy Sherman for MAC

There have been hundreds of celebrity MAC collaborations, most of which I tend to regard as gimmicky and just another way to repackage the same stuff and sell it on to the same people. However, this latest collaboration with Cindy Sherman seems like an obvious move and one that I'm surprised they've not tried before. Or maybe they have and Cindy's been stringing them along for years?

As a photographer Sherman embodies the art of transformation through the use of wigs, make-up and props etc and I think she is a clever choice for a brand which prides itself on helping tranform the ordinary into the extraodinary. I love MAC and I'm just pleased that they've snapped up a true icon before Illamasqua! I've only ever been disappointed with Illamasqua products. They dry my skin out beyond belief and when I booked myself in for a makeover I ended up with 'smokey eyes' and a pasty coloured lipgloss - yawn...

Cindy's three 'faces' will be available throughout October at MAC. Good timing for Halloween some may say?


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