Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Holiday Rituals

This was actually written yesterday. Better late than never?

Tomorrow we fly to Los Cristianos, Tenerife, for a week. First holiday in almost two years. Obviously I'm really excited about going away, but I'm equally excited about preparing to go away - making lists of all the things that I need to do before we leave and all the little rituals that take place in preparation for leaving make me brim with excitement:

To do:
  • Buff body to within an inch of its life and apply layer number 3 of Dove Summer Glow (remember to add an extra dollop to white patch on left knee - and remember not to cross legs afterwards)
  • Remove all unwanted body hair (including facial hair and eyebrows)
  • Paint toe and finger nails with brand new American Apparel Neon Nails 
  • Do housework BEFORE painting nails
  • Iron stuff (especially the 'holiday clothes' retrieved from bin bag in the back room)
  • Decant shampoo and conditioner into holiday bottles (sellotape lids) and pack alongside SPF 50 (for tattoos), 30, 15 and aftersun
  • Leave out 12 pouches of cat food, 2 boxes of dry food, 2 packets of Dreamies, 4 tins of tuna, various tumblers of water 'hidden' around the flat and Pussy Lawn for 'enrichment'. Make sure Mildred's cushions are lying flat on the couch and leave (smelly) cardigan rolled up on bed - to remind her of mummy
  • Look out holiday purse and stuff it full of fake money (keep a few pound coins for snacks at the airport)
  • Look out european adaptor (and buy an extra one - just in case)
  • Decide whether I really NEED to take hair straighteners - hunt down as many kirby grips as possible and buy an extra pack?
  • Call mobile phone company to set up roaming and turn OFF data roaming
  • Pack travel bag: Caitlin Moran book, iPhone, earphones, holiday purse, sooky sweets, (knock off) sunglasses for arrival, socks for the plane, passport, print out of flight and hotel details (carefully highlighted for quick and easy referral)
  • Pack first aid kit: plasters for blisters, Remegel for over indulgences, paracetamol for hangovers, safety pins incase straps ping or buttons burst, antihistamines in case something bites (not sure about this at all - hope my mum is just taking the piss?)
  • Edit down number of outfits (we're only going for a week), carefully select jewellery and make-up to compliment edited version
Doubt I'll be blogging while we're away, but hopefully I'll still be tweeting! If you are in the slightest bit interested, you can follow our shenanigans by following me here

Cheery-bye xx


  1. have fun on your holiday!
    that list was so funny :')

  2. I really love preparing for a holiday too! Your list is great, so cute that you're leaving out a cardigan to stop your cat missing you! :) Have a lovely holiday! xx

  3. I loved this post, made me so excited for my holiday too! So, do you recommend factor 50 for over my tattoos? One is pretty new too. Hope a brilliant time, can't wait to read a post about it.

    Caz x

  4. Just got back from 4 weeks of holiday. But I would love to go back.
    Went to Tenerife once several years ago, did not stay in Los Christianos, but I thought it was the prettiest town there. Have fun and enjoy :)

  5. Hope you have a great holiday :) I need to learn to cut down my holiday wardrobe, I took so many clothes that I didn't wear, but I like a choice :) xx

  6. Ooh! How exciting! We're heading to the States in October and I've been making all manner of lists to prepare. Can't wait for it to get a little closer so I can actually start making packing lists and stuff.

    Have a blast on your trip!

  7. Shake yer booty down Veronica's, if it's still there!...great list, made me chortle

    Sleekit x

  8. hey gorgeous have a fab holiday!!! xxx


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