Thursday, 4 August 2011

They're Creepy And They're Kooky

This photo just popped up on my personal Facebook Page. It's from our local rag, the Largs and Millport News, summer 1992. Largs is twinned with Brisbane, Australia, and each year the town crowns a young girl as the 'Brisbane Queen'. At the tender age of 11,  Jim Morrison, Marc Bolan and Bruce Dickinson were blaring from my boom box and I was already experimenting with eyeliner and writing poems about dead rock stars. Needless to say, I had no interest in wearing a pretty dress and tiara. However, as part of the celebrations, residents were (maybe still are??) encouraged to take part in a parade of floats around the town. As you can see, we went as the Addams Family. How befitting. But can you spot me??

A tub of eyeliner to the first person who gets it right!


  1. Brilliant! This is AMAZING! Are you Uncle Fester down the front?

    Giving me some serious halloween ideas...


  2. Best family picture ever!! *snap* *snap*

  3. Are you wee little Wednesday Addams?? This pic is brilliant - how did you all keep a straight face?! xx

  4. I'm afraid you're wrong ladies. I'm one half of the siamese twins. Back row, second from the left. Three stone heavier and sporting a ridiculous frizzy fringe.

    Congrats to Simon, who commented on the Boudoir facebook page - you got it in one!


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