Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Chop Or Not?

I'm bored with my hair again. Still loving the colour (although it needs another top up - Manic Panic plans for this weekend!) but I'm toying with the idea of chopping my fringe short.

October 2009. Short bob and teeny tiny fringe.

This option could result in me looking a bit like...

Fashion journalist Lynn Yaeger (scary!), or...

Beth Ditto (not a pretty expression, but i do like how choppy this style is)

Option 2 would be to keep the length as it is now and just take a smidgen off my fringe to 'expose' the brows. But do I really wanna look like an aging emo kid aka Hayley Williams from Paramore?

November 2010. Shoulder length hair, fringe just above the eyebrows.

Hayley Williams

Option 3 would be to keep the fringe long but chop the length back up into a bob:

Or, I could leave it alone and let it grow longer so I can still put it up in a top knot for the winter. I need your help! Please VOTE for your favourite style (righthand nav bar) and I'll go with the majority!


  1. Let the hair itself keep growing long but cut the fringe just to expose the eyebrows. You have the advantage of absolutely suiting any fringe length though so whatever you do - you win! xxx

  2. Leave it as it is and let it grow! I lovelovelove your hair so much, you suit it in every one of these photos of yourself you've posted! x

  3. holy grail i just did my bangs short as you have right now ;D you look stunning in every hair!

  4. see new post than! i should brush my hair before doing pic haha

  5. i love the short bob, short fringe style right now, so i voted for that one :)
    have you tried one of those apps on the web where you can see how you look with different hair styles? maybe that will ease your final decision...

  6. I absolutely loved the cut you got last time, thought it set off the colour beautifully! But you do look fantastic with a short eyebrow showing fringe. So I vote to keep it long, and cut the fringe. If you hate it you can always cut the length a bit until it suits your tastes better. Youll definitely have to let me know how you like the MP, the Punk Glam Princess did hers the same colour and it's so gorgeous I almost took out my pink and did it myself! And hers isn't as light as yours so yours should really be electric!

  7. Let it grow! I'm currently growing my hair out of a graduated bob and LOVE being able to do a top knot, plus long locks might count as an extra layer in winter?

    Amy xx

  8. Oh i love options 2 and 3 ... you look drop dead sex on legs in option 2's photo! Beaut! xx

  9. Honestly, leave it the way it is! I actually love it! xx

  10. Grow, grow, grow and work up to that top knot. I love that look. Maybe play with colour instead if you're feeling bored? x

  11. Cut the fringe short, if you don't like it, it won't take long to grow back.
    Be a devil ;)

  12. did you take a decision already? I read your post the other day and didn't have the time to comment...but anyway you look gorgeous in very single pic so it's f**in' hard to choose :)
    I would say grow them ... just because I'm growing them too and then we are going into winter...so better be layred :))
    luv xxx

  13. I have to say, I love Lynn Yaeger's look.

  14. My fav here is Beth Ditto's choppy bob! xx

  15. I love the last two pics, the long fringe and redhead hair really suits you! Two features I'd love having myself but my natural complexion and mad curly hair make it kinda hard, so maybe I'm just projecting on you :D


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