Monday, 29 August 2011

Me And The Monkeys

So we got kicked out the hotel at 12 noon on Friday. It's 34 degrees outside and the flight's not until teatime. How do you kill 4 hours in Tenerife with no access to a pool? MONKEY PARK!!!

Yip, that's MY hand right there, feeding a ring tailed lemur a grape we stole at the breakfast buffet! For a measly 10 Euros you can wander through (a pretty huge and very well kept) enclosure full of lemurs, squirrel monkeys, iguanas, 2 tortoises and that other wee chap you can see above. Some kind of Tamarin I think. Looked like a cross between great uncle Fred and a bat. Made the cutest little chirruping noises too.

Check his wee hand!!! We bonded over our orange tufty hair.

My facial expressions speak for themselves - I was besotted, but for the full effect, here's a wee video of me and the pregnant (maybe just fat?) lemurs.


  1. HAHA this made my night :) they are so cute! I love that polish you have on too x

  2. I am so jealous right now!! Monkeys are my favourite, they're so cute. Your smile looks as big as mine would if I was to go there :) xx

  3. Between this and your other post, looks like you had a lovely holiday! The Punk Glam Princess and I always say we want a monkey, so I had a good chuckle at you saying that! Heehee when you said you bonded over your orange hair I had another chuckle, as I had a similar experience years ago when my hair was orange with a baby orangutan!

  4. hahaha before I read it, I said "aw look at his wee hand!". So adorable but wee monkeys always look a bit shifty to me!

  5. These pictures are soo good!!! :)


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