Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cocktail Dress

Nipped into Boots last night to pick up some essentials and qualified for a wee £5 off No. 7 voucher. What do you always buy with these vouchers? Nail Polish, cos it's the cheapest! I've been hankering after some delicious orange polish for a while now, so snapped up some Anniversary Edition called 'Cocktail Dress'. Opted for an undercoat as I'm sure the orange would leave a rather undesirable nicotine stain come this time next week. What you can see is one (very lazy) coat of the orange. I'm pretty pleased and would recommend it at £1.75, in fact, it's probably worth its full price.

The book in the photos is Pierre et Gilles.

Hello new followers! Have a good weekend x


  1. Oh another orange. I've tried Topshop's flash...its brilliant but more of a clemantine than a raging orange....looks good with my models own purple though. This looks perfect though....still need to get over my raging hate of no7 after primergeddon. =( x

  2. Ooh that's a really nice colour. Might have to pick that up this week, I've been after a good orange polish.

  3. How I wish we could wear nail polish in our uniforms!!!!


  4. amazing colour! love that book <3! x

  5. Well, it's held up after a weekend of partying and a hard day's graft at work. Pretty pleased so far...


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