Sunday, 17 October 2010


This weekend has been a much needed quiet one. Long lie on Saturday morning followed by tea and toast, hair dying session, more tea and buttered gingerbread with Miss Lou, back to back episodes of Two and a Half Men (guilty pleasure), dinner, then off to the pictures for a giant pick n mix and Back To The Future with Marty McFly. Happy Days.

After a rather self-indulgent Saturday I felt it was time to bite the bullet and gut my wardrobe - a task I've been putting off for weeks with one excuse or another. Space is so limited that my clothes have to be in a constant cycle of in the wash basket, on the clothes horse or in a heap at the bottom of the wardrobe. Not anymore! I was ruthless!!

This is the BEFORE

And this is the AFTER. Complete with new tub for all all my winter woolies :)

Dresses to the left (out of shot as the triple door covers them), then shirts and blouses, numerous cardigans and jumpers and jackets and coats on the right.

Finally, a nice big pile of denims - including a few pairs I forgot I owned - sweet!

I now have a rather large bag of assorted leftovers, so watch this space - I might just attempt to sell them on :)


  1. Loooooooove it :)))))


  2. Madame G, I am soooo proud of you, if more than a little gutted that I had to work on Sunday and couldn't come help, hang and arrange. Your folding could do with a little TLC. I'll fix this for you the next time I'm round ;op

    Love your bones and tidy closet.

  3. Don't worry Lou, there's still plenty to do... There's the shoes, boots, tights and jewellery still to be 'sorted' - :)


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