Sunday, 31 July 2011

On The Hunt For Those Elusive Shades

I NEED these Topshop Unique sunglasses in my life. More specifically, I need them in my suitcase for Tenerife on 19th August. If any of you fabulous fashionistas out there can hit me up with a pair (gold or silver) or even point me in the right direction, I'll be in your debt foreva!


  1. unfortunately I have no idea where you could find these specs... but I totally agree on the Cruella deVille thing...and I was neraly going to mention her in the post you know!!!! :D

  2. those are lushh, though i'm not sure where you could snatch them up! good luck though♥

  3. I can have a look in Oxford Circ at the end of the week honey x

  4. Managed to snap up soem cheapy steampunk rip offs from the States. Not as nice as the Topshop ones, but they'll do the job - hopefully! x


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